Mardi 15 février 2011

tous handbags British man 28 times after the accident rehabilitation of cardiac arrest

tous handbags British man 28 times after the accident rehabilitation of cardiac arrestWorld Wide Web intern reporter Liang ,tous handbags reported already survived one lucky,find louis vuitton handbags, it should be 28 times the resurrection miracle. A British man was a year ago in a traffic accident,stephen sprouse louis vuitton, cardiac arrest 28 times,summer handbags, but each time the doctor saved the recovery. Recently,original louis vuitton handbags, he went to the hospital have been recovered,mary frances handbags, thank the doctors,louis bag,According to the BritishThe scene in a car accident had his heart beating 5 times,louis vuitton bags 2009, in the emergency medical staff arrived for him to do CPR several times after he resumed beating. Admission,brown handbags, his heart beating another 23 times. After examination,quilted handbags, doctors found he had a heart artery rupture occurred,wholesale purses, the heart can not get blood,designer purses, so the beat is extremely disordered,isabella fiore handbags, so for him a pacemaker installed,cheap fashion handbags, and repaired the arteries,louis vuitton leather handbag, was temporarily stabilized his heart . Since then,wholesale handbag suppliers, doctors have to treat him a skull fracture,louis vuitton computer bag, back bone fracture,christian dior purses, nerve damage and the number of serious arm fractures and other injuries,cheap leather handbags, he has had three major operations,betsey johnson handbags, including a heart bypass surgery,pink purse, before slowly recovered. 23 day is the first anniversary of his accident,louis vuitton diaper bag, he came to the hospital,trendy purses, his doctors to save time thanks:lost his father.
Par hskeoic - 1 commentaire(s)le 15 février 2011

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